Friday, April 24, 2015


I was going through old photos and I stumbled upon these pictures.  These are at least 2, probably 3 years old.  My brother used to have llamas on his farm... not sure if he still does or not.  They were quite friendly.  I love llamas, especially furry, baby llamas.

I also realized that I resemble a llama.  I have the narrow face and poofy hair!

Well, hello!

Hope you enjoyed these random pictures!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Local Tourism - Landmark Park, Part 2

Continuing with pictures from our time at Landmark Park.  After we browsed the historical buildings, we went in search of nature.  We wandered around and saw a beautiful gazebo, a sun dial, and then finally asked a worker about where to find the trail that goes around what looked like a lake on the map.  It's actually more of a swampy area.  The worker told us that the trail was "very adventurous" and we should be very careful... (she obviously hasn't been to the Amazon, hiked Wayna Picchu, or lived in Rio.)  But we assured her we would be very careful.

I really love trees, so I took lots of pictures of trees!

The very adventurous trail

After a long meander through the woods, we ended the day back in the drugstore where we ordered a root beer float, and the lady gave us change out of this vintage machine.  So fun!

Stay tuned for some pictures from a day trip we took to Seaside, Florida.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Local Tourism - Landmark Park, Part 1

When we lived in Rio, Peter and I utilized every chance we could to explore the area and do touristy things.  We wanted to soak it in, knowing it wouldn't last forever.  Now that we've found a place to settle down for awhile, we have gotten quite lazy.  Our weekends are spent sleeping and working out watching Netflix.

But recently we had a gorgeous Spring day.  It was sunny, mild, about 70 degrees, with a slight breeze...  AND it was the first day of my Spring Break!  Woohoo!  Time for the beach!

So, naturally, I was extremely sick.  Fevers, congestion, aches and pain, the whole shebang.  Our plans for going to the beach were pretty much ruined (I just wasn't feeling up for a 2 hour drive.  Man, I really miss living 10 minutes from the beach!)

So we decided to explore a local favorite called Landmark Park.  This park aims to preserve the traditions and history of the "Wiregrass," a large land area that includes southeastern Alabama, southwestern Georgia and northern Florida.  The area was given that name because the early settlers found it overrun with ugly, wirey grass.  But it doesn't grow anymore, now that cotton and peanut fields have overtaken the place.

Landmark Park features historical buildings, farm animals, educational events, and a walking trail.  It's a beautiful place and we were even happy to pay the $4 entrance fee.

Here are some pictures of the historical buildings, which are pretty much museums - which I love!  I'll post pictures of the flora and fauna in a separate post.

The Drugstore

I love the packaging of vintage products!  And I've always wanted to own an apothecary filled with glass bottles and tiny containers.

The General Store

The School House

Peter said, "I bet all the naughty little boys would hide under the building when it was time to go back to class."

The Church 
Not Baptist?!?! Are we not in Alabama?!?! :)

Ok that's it for Part 1 of Landmark Park.  Check back soon for pictures of our "adventurous" walk through the trails.